"Blue or Red" innovative jump-action side-scroll game

"Blue or Red" is innovative jump-action side-scroll game, swiching friend and foe(player color) by player.This system make unique game element.


Blue or Red


The stage is made up of blue and red block.Try to reach every goal with a swiching function.


Blue or Red


The player can touch a same color blocks, but not the another.


If player's color is blue → Through Blue blocks, not red one.
If player's color is red → Through Red blocks, not blue one.


Player's color is switchable to red or blue by tapping the color pannel at the upper-left corner.


If you lose their concentration for even a moment, the game will be over.
A strategy of not only conventional jump,ride,fend-action game, but also the switching color is needed.


Blue or Red Blue or Red
Blue or Red Blue or Red


There are 20 stages.Each stage has a variety of gimmick(trap,maze and problem-solving elements).



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